Wolfram Fleischhauer

Fatal Tango


Berlin and Buenos Aires, 1999...

When Giulietta Battin, ballet dancer at the Staatsoper Berlin, tries to find out about tango-music, her whole life changes. A steamy love-affair with the Argentinian Tango dancer Damian Alsina soon turns into a nightmare. Damian sabotages his own show by improvising a strange choreography. Two days later he kidnaps and tortures Giulietta´s jealous father and then runs off to Buenos Aires without any further explanation.

Giulietta, horrified by Damian´s  behaviour but also deeply suspicious of her father´s unwillingness to talk about the incident, follows Damian to Buenos Aires. But he is nowhere to be found.

Giulietta embarks on an odyssee through the visible and invisible tango universe of Buenos Aires, where Damian´s strange dancing style gradually reveals itself to be an Ariadne´s thread into a fiendish labyrinth ...


 A great love story and a political thriller, a  novel oscillating between heaven and hell, ballet and tango...


 »An unusual mixture of explosive political thriller and passionate love story (…) Proof that German writers can keep you on edge.«



 »Here's a mystery and a love story entwined. It is smart, sexy and exotic. Its literate execution does nothing to impede the narrative pull, and it delivers as a page-turner and a book of substance. For those of us suffering from Stieg Larsson withdrawal, it's a great antidote (... ) You'll love it!« 

(Chris Bilkey, Crime Buzz Editor)